What’s Inside My Make-Up Bag

Hi everybody,

You’ll see lots of different types of posts over the next few weeks, but to kick off my new blog and give you a chance to get to know me a little, I thought I would give you a little tour of my make-up bag.

Now bear in mind that as I still live at home, I have a tendency to raid my mum’s make-up bag for more goodies (usually her expensive skincare products) but here are some of  my most used items:

Primer and Foundation

You mightn’t believe me from what is left in the bottles, but these two products are a relatively new discovery of mine. I was feeling thrifty after scraping the very last out of my Diorskin Forever foundation so decided to try Max Factor, based on a friend’s recommendation. I also invested in the primer, having recently developed a skin allergy to my beloved Benefit Porefessional. It left my skin silky smooth, without any noticeable pores, but sadly my face was having none of it. Now that I’ve got over the loss of both my Dior and my Benefit, I can confirm that I absolutely love both of these Max Factor products. It’s easy to build up the coverage on the foundation, and the primer keeps it on all day, even when I’ve spent the day outside in the elements.



Thankfully my Benefit allergy hasn’t extended to their mascara or I would be well and truly snookered. Mascara is important for me because I am absolutely useless when it comes to fake eyelashes, and thankfully I’ve found a beauty in this one. I was given ‘They’re Real’ as a Christmas gift in 2013, just before it became one of those cult products, and I honestly would never try another mascara. It leaves me with no spidery lashes, no clumps and my eyelashes are longer than they’ve ever looked.



My eyeliner needs really aren’t all that complicated. Again, liquid eyeliner is a massive challenge for me, so I tend to stick to a basic black kohl liner. Until recently, my favourite had been Annabelle, but after my stash ran out, I decided to try something new rather than ordering online. So far so good – as I said, I’m easily pleased in this department. All I need is something that’s easily applied and smudged, and one that will stay on for most of the day.



Since I was a teenager, I have been an Urban Decay fan. Granted, when I was 13, the electric blues and pinks were a lot more popular with me than they are now, but at 21 I can still find plenty to suit me in one of their palettes. This 15th Anniversary Palette has a good variety of colour and neutrals, but when I can’t find one to suit I will admit to dipping into mum’s Naked 3 palette.



This really wasn’t intentional, but it seems that I have quite a bit of Max Factor in my make-up bag lately. It might have had something to do with their 3 for 2 bargains in Superdrug, but that’s another story altogether. Years ago, Marks and Spencer brought out a range of lipstick and balm combos, which were perfect for keeping your lipstick neat and tidy throughout the day – or at least for longer than most. Sadly, these went to cosmetic heaven, and I hadn’t seen a similar one since. However, when shopping for my foundation, I found their Lipfinity range, which has fantastic durability. I am yet to put it through the kiss test – again, another story for another day – but so far I’m content with my new purchase.


I hope you enjoyed my very first blog and a little delve into my make-up bag. You will see all sorts of posts popping up here in the next wee while, but feel free to comment with the types of posts that you would like to see and I will do my best to fit them in!

Bye for now!


Lauren xo


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicola says:

    Can’t wait to see what’s next 😜


  2. mllemckitty says:

    I like very much! I haven’t tried much Maxfactor stuff myself, but I love their Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint, it’s like a pen to put on. Not sure if they’re getting rid of it though…


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