Blurred Lines

Now that you’ve had an insight into some of my favourite beauty products (if not, click to see my make-up bag post), it’s time to introduce you to my photography. Now before you judge, these aren’t even close to my usual types of photographs. My Canon EOS1000D usually comes out on sunny days at the coast, summer holidays and any events that will make a lively and vibrant photograph. However, these were taken for my university assignment, which coincidentally is being exhibited in Flowerfield Arts Centre, Portstewart this week.

I started with the intention of taking straight fashion photographs, but these weren’t abstract enough to satisfy the needs of my assignment. Therefore, I used blur to emphasise the anonymity of the models, and to make the reader think more carefully about the purposes and themes behind fashion photography – in other words, by making you squint at the photograph, I tried to make you concentrate on its meaning. But if you don’t get the arty-farty abstract meaning behind it all, I think they make pretty cool looking photos (if I do say so myself!).

Click on the photos below to open the gallery. What do you think?



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