Outfit Post: Graduation


So this week, I graduated from the University of Ulster (with first class honours, as it happens, not that I would be one to show off!!). Of course, after the excitement of results had subsided, my biggest question was what I was going to wear.

Graduations can be tricky to dress for, and the fact that I had an afternoon graduation and would also be attending an awards ceremony in the morning meant that I had to find something that I would be comfortable in for an entire day. Once I found out that the trim on my gown was a cobalt blue shade, I took to Victoria Square, Belfast, in search of the perfect dress. It wasn’t too difficult to find, and after trying on one or two dresses from Coast’s concession in House of Fraser, I decided to play it safe and match my look to my robe.



Sadly my shoes weren’t as plain sailing as the outfit. Getting carried away with graduation shopping, I decided to order the shoes recommended on Coast’s website to match with this dress, unaware that they were an inch or two higher than what I was used to. The result of this was me sitting crippled on a bench half an hour before my graduation, incredibly glad of my old-faithful back up shoes that my mum had insisted in putting in the back of the car. It seems that mothers really do know best!





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