Skin sins

We cleanse, we tone, we moisturise and we apply just about every new lotion and potion to our skin to try to avoid dry skin and pimples. But, nine times out of ten, all of this fantastic work goes to waste when we find ourselves committing the ultimate skin sins. But what could we possibly be doing wrong??


Sometimes we don’t even know we’re doing it, but in other cases laziness comes into play. The majority of the time, I do my absolute best to avoid these sins, especially after spending a fortune on my beloved Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish solution, but even I can be guilty of one or two. Here’s a list of my top five offences that could be undoing all of your great work:

Using aggressive exfoliators – When we reach the exfoliator aisle, we have a tendency to opt for the grittiest option, which we know will scrape off the very hints of dead skin, but all of that scratching comes at a cost. I’ve learned that to avoid sandpaper skin, fruit acid exfoliators are kinder alternative.

Sleeping with make-up on – Do we even need to explain this one? Wearing your make-up to bed should simply never happen – and that counts for when you’re drunk too. Night time should be when your skin goes into repair mode, but leaving dirt on the skin creates a breeding ground for bacteria. We should all be trying to follow a good cleansing routine, but sometimes, a quick rub with a cleansing wipe is all that we can ask for before we tumble into bed.

Forgetting your neck – If you neck is feeling dry and unloved, it’s probably because your skincare routine has stopped at the jaw. The skin on your neck is delicate and often exposed just as much as the skin on your face, so make sure to cleanse and moisturise down the décolletage each time you do your skincare routine.

Caffeine overload – Personally, I’m not a coffee drinker, but my Coca Cola addiction probably puts me in this category too. A  quick pick me up in the form of a latte or a can of Coke may go down well at the time, but if you’re searching for an explanation to inflamed and blotchy skin, this might be the reason. Limit your coffees and caffeinated drinks to one per day.

The morning lather –  I used to commit this skincare sin on a regular basis, but it turns out that lathering up in washes and scrubs mightn’t be doing you good in the morning. Although you think you’re doing good, it can strip your face of its moisturising oils and leave it feeling drier than normal. Water is enough to clean your skin in the mornings, so leave the deep cleansing for your night time routine.


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