Snapping my way around Northern Ireland

It’s summer, and we have had a rather spectacular bout of weather over the past few weeks, so I have taken the opportunity to get a little bit snap happy around the country, showing off Northern Ireland’s beauty spots, and a few of my favourite places to photograph. Where is your favourite place in Northern Ireland?


1: Ballintoy Harbour

Ballintoy: It might be a hotspot for tourists now that Game of Thrones has come to town, but I have been visiting this gorgeous little harbour for 15 years. I could sit on the wall by these little boats all day putting the world to rights


2: Rathlin Island

Rathlin Island: Rathlin, just off the coast of Ballycastle, is one of the quietest spots in Northern Ireland, but its beautiful on a good day. I am definitely going back to see the puffins, but this trip mainly comprised of a long walk to the lighthouse and a relaxing drink in the tiny little pub.


3: Kilbane Castle, North Coast

I’m not even sure that I could find this castle again, but on a long road trip around the coast, I came across a tiny road that took me to a forgotten beauty spot. If you ever locate it, it’s well worth the walk.


4: Nuala with the Hula, Belfast

This just happens to be one of my favourite photos from the summer, but I could photograph around Belfast all day long. As my favourite shopping destination, I spend so many sunny days in the city.


5: Glenarriff Forest Park

My first trip to Glenarriff was three years ago, and I keep coming back. I love the roar of the waterfalls and the stunning scenery, it is another destination that’s worth the trek


6: Carnlough

When I first got my digital SLR camera at Christmas 6 years ago, this was the first place I went to take photographs. Again, I come back again and again, the little boats completely come to life on a sunny day



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