Getting Healthy? There’s an app for that

tumblr_mzrozhVmOQ1rjf3ito1_500If you know me, you will know that I’m always trying to lose a few pounds (25 to be exact, but who’s counting!). Many moons ago, I lost all of my weight with Unislim and was thrilled with myself – I even got to go to Dublin for a photoshoot to celebrate my success (see it here), but sadly university, Dominos Two for Tuesday and the stress of a dissertation led me to fall back into those horrible old habits. I may be a Zumba instructor, but my body has become so accustomed to that type of exercise, that I needed to do something drastic to kick my metabolism back into touch.

Slimming World was my first port of call. Whilst the recipes are divine, and the free foods are great at meal times, it is all too much of a diet for my liking. They may not say so at the meetings, but unlike Unislim, where you could count in naughty food and burn it off with a hard workout, any slips off the free food list is almost a disaster. Missing Unislim, and at a loss now that there was no class near my hometown, I took to the Apple App Store, and found a few apps that have given me the motivation to get back on track! Skinny legs, here I come!


My Fitness Pal – For anyone who needs to kickstart a healthy regime, this is like a one-stop-shop. First you enter your height, weight and typical daily lifestyle. You then choose whether you want to lose or maintain weight, and how much you want to lose. After this, you are given a calorie allowance for the day, and you can proceed to enter a food diary, add in exercise to burn off calories, and track your water intake for the day. It has branded foods, the calorie values for restaurant food and a handy barcode scanner, which is great when you are scanning the shelves for a healthy option.

PumpUp – If you’re an InstaLover like me, then you will love this social networking fitness app. Allowing you to track your workouts and weight loss, with help from a massive social network, you will find this app a great source of inspiration. Plus, there are a handful of body building men, and seeing photos of them on bicep day isn’t half bad.

30 Day Challenges – We’ve seen them on Instagram and Facebook, and even Pinterest, but unless someone is monitoring your progress, those 30 Day Challenges often fall by the wayside. Luckily, there are free apps for abs, squats and push up challenges that will help you to gradually improve your fitness. What’s more, rope a few friends into the challenge and you can compare sore stomachs over a well earned cocktail at the weekend.


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