A Bloggers Guide to Belfast FASHIONWEEK!

Yesterday, I received a challenge from fellow blogger Louise Vance. Having watched fashion stylist Rachel Zoe’s video on New York Fashion Week from a blogger’s perspective, she decided to give the concept a Belfast FASHIONWEEK twist. Taking the questions from Rachel Zoe’s vlog, she composed her own little questionnaire to find out what Northern Ireland’s bloggers think of BFW.

With just a few weeks to go until West Coast Cooler Belfast FASHIONWEEK (October 15-19), this is my take on the Fashion Week Blogging Challenge. Sadly, unlike Louise – aka The Real Elle Woods – who is practically a FASHIONWEEK veteran, I’m a little bit of a newbie. I have just three seasons of BFW to go on, but I’ll rise to the challenge regardless!

The most Insta-worthy show at #WCCFW?

Like most bloggers, I’m never without my phone and Insta-spam all of my poor followers for days after the FASHIONWEEK catwalk shows, but by far the most Insta-worthy show in my experience of Belfast FASHIONWEEK was Paddy McGurgan’s Birds of Paradise catwalk show. The make-up artistry was incredibly intricate, and the gorgeous setting of Stormont’s Parliament Buildings totally brought it to life.


The most coveted tech accessory?

I am a complete photography geek, and haven’t been a stranger to hanging out with the photographers during a catwalk show when I had university photography coursework to complete. For this reason, I will say that my most coveted tech accessory would be a high-end, professional zoom lens for my digital SLR. Last season, when my own less-sophisticated lens gave up the ghost, one of the photographers was kind enough to lend me his favourite one and I completely fell in love (with the lens!!)

Describe Belfast FASHIONWEEK in a #HASHTAG.

My shopaholic tendencies are completely out of control so, with this in mind, my Belfast FASHIONWEEK hashtag is definitely #MyFashionWishlist. Season after season, there are so many gorgeous, extravagant and utterly luxurious fashions on the catwalk that I always leave with a wish-list the length of my arm! And the best part of BFW is of course the fact that the clothes are already on the shelves, so there is nothing to stop me from going out and purchasing my favourites that weekend!

Street style star of the season?

Going from this season’s BFW Launch alone, I would say that my Street Style star was the lovely stylist and presenter on the Cool FM Breakfast Show, Rebecca McKinney. I just adored her A-Line skirt!

Rebecca McKinney looked fantastic in her A-line skirt at the AW14 Launch
Rebecca McKinney looked fantastic in her A-line skirt at the AW14 Launch

Secret to social media gold?

My secret to social media has to be an outfit post. With plenty of fashion-minded followers, who like myself, love to see what everyone is wearing, these always go down a treat.


Instagram Faux Pas?

It mightn’t be the worst of crimes, especially at FASHIONWEEK, but my biggest Instagram Faux Pas has to be my blurred iPhone photographs. I might be pretty handy with a digital SLR, but when it comes to iPhones, I struggle as much as the next person, and Instagram is on the receiving end of my dodgy snaps.


The photo that would get a million likes?

I’m actually pretty stumped with this one, but I’m going to take Louise’s lead, who said seeing our gorgeous Jamie Dornan at BFW. I absolutely ADORE Cara Delevingne – as anyone who ever read my County Antrim Post section might have realised – so seeing her making an appearance on the BFW Catwalk would definitely make my social media explode.

Does your phone ever turn off?

Sadly, more often than it should! My poor little iPhone 5 has been giving up the ghost for a few months, and after a day on the go and a fabulous catwalk show in the evening, I’m lucky if my battery lasts through the show. Thankfully, I always come readily armed with my SLR!

Favourite NI designer to follow?

Designer night is my favourite night of BFW because all of the looks are so glam and unique, but after three seasons of attending FASHIONWEEK, I think I would have to say that my favourite designer is Larissa Watson of Goddess and Swift. The soft colours and gorgeous prints are just to die for.

Favourite NI Model?

It’s so hard to choose because they are all fantastic, but I have to say that my favourite would be Meagan Green, Miss Northern Ireland 2013. From a photography perspective, it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to take a bad photograph of this beautiful girl, she makes it look so easy!


Your Belfast FASHIONWEEK uniform?

I’m a high-street girl through and through, mostly on account of the fact that I’ve been living on a student budget, but I tend to go for something on-trend, but very close to my usual style. Jumpsuits and A-Line skirts are my staples, as well as a pair of comfy heels, so that I can stay on my feet all night if need be!


Favourite photo editing app?

Although I love the social media side of it, I’m not a great fan of Instagram’s filters. My favourite editing apps are A Beautiful Mess, which lets me put cute frames and text on my  photos; Whitagram, which lets me post portrait photos without having to crop them to a square shape for Instagram; and VSCOCam, because its filters are just subtle enough for my tastes!


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