Secrets of Skincare: Eléni Skincare Review


I have never professed to be someone who is adventurous with her skincare products. Like most of us, my mum made it her mission when I became a teenager to insist that I invested in a good cleanser, toner and moisturiser, and since then I have been in somewhat of a rut with my regime.

Yes, my skin has changed over the years and, as a result, so have my products. However, I am slightly allergic to some skincare products and therefore, I tend to air on the side of caution and avoid changing something that has worked for so many years. However, when I heard about the fantastic Eléni skincare range, I was so eager to try it out!

This skincare range, which originated in South Africa and is brand new to Northern Ireland, is a natural range of products, developed by scientist Piet Meyer. Meyer was responsible for the creation of lipsomes, which are similar to skin cells and encase the ingredients, helping them to penetrate further into the skin.

Upon receiving the products, I was interested to find that I had received five individual pots, each with different attributes. I’ve since spent two weeks trialling the products, and am pleased to report that my skin is silky smooth, without a single blemish in sight – a true achievement, considering the fact that I have recently turned into a workaholic!

My favourite product was undoubtedly the cleanser but, like any range, there were some that weren’t just as well suited to my routine. With this in mind, I will take you through the products one by one, to give you a taste of what to expect should you invest in this exciting new brand:

Facial Deep Cleanse: Without a doubt, this was my favourite of the five little pots I received in my Eléni Skincare kit. I was sold from the minute i delved into the pot, as although its texture feels like mousse, it rubs onto the skin like a moisturiser, and has only a light fragrance. Better still, once I rinsed it off, I was pleased to report that it had removed all of my make-up, even my stubborn eyeliner!

Reconstructing Serum: This product is designed to be effective in promoting and stimulating the production of collagen in the skin, having a reconstructive effect on the skin, resulting in suppleness and firmness. Thankfully, at the ripe old age of 21, I don’t have too much use for reconstructing serum, and therefore can’t really comment on its effectiveness, but I was impressed at how light and refreshing the serum was when it was applied.

Eye Contour Smoothing Creme: Again, my eyes are not necessarily one of my most problematic areas of my face, so I had little use for these cream. However, unlike the previous two products, I found this one slightly stiff on application, but I will put that down to personal preference!

BlemishLess Cream: If there was a product made for me, this would be it. As someone who will admit to forgetting to remove their make-up after a night out, and also someone who can be cursed with a blemish or two during periods of stress, I was most looking forward to testing this product.

For me, it has both positives and negatives. On the plus side, it is two weeks since I started using the product, and I am blemishless! It even cleared up the annoying spot on my forehead within a couple of days. My only disappointment was the scent – since clove oil is the prime ingredient in this natural product, it had an incredibly strong smell of cloves. If you are a fan of clove rock, you will be in your element, but if not, do not dismiss this product. For great skin, I am willing to make that sacrifice!

Stabilising Moisturiser: The final product in my collection was familiar, with a similar texture to my usual moisturiser. It was light, and absorbed into the skin almost instantly, which is a massive plus for me, as I tend to get ready each morning in a complete and utter rush. The product is designed to offer lasting hydration and nourishment to the skin and, it has certainly delivered.

All in all, my trial was pretty successful, with my stand-out products being the cleanser and blemish cream! Give the collection a try, it is well worth exploring! See their Facebook page for more information


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