5 Dresses I LOVED at the Oscars 2015

I’ll admit it – I still haven’t watched the Oscars! Thanks to the joys of full-time work, I was forced to be sensible and go to bed at a reasonable hour, but one thing I never miss out on is the fashion.

From bold, statement reds to shimmering metallics, the Academy Awards red carpet was simply stunning. Lady Gaga even brought her red marigolds out for the occasion! However, for me, some of the best looks came from the more muted tones, ranging from warm nudes to elegant cream shades.

After spending most of the night trawling through the internet for fabulous red carpet looks, I have managed to narrow it down to just five gorgeous gowns that totally stole the show for me.

1) Kerry Washington


First on the list was the absolutely beautiful Kerry Washington, who presented the award for Live Action Short Film. True to her on-screen character, Olivia Pope, she stepped out in a gorgeous cream, peplum MiuMiu dress and oozed elegance. And according to her Twitter account, those glittering heels we can see peeping from beneath her gown were none other than Louboutin. Major envy!

2) Dakota Johnson


From someone who embodied her on-screen character, to an actress who shook off her silver screen persona completely, Dakota Johnson is next up on my list. There were no signs of clumsy and somewhat socially awkward Anastasia Steele on the red carpet in this incredible Saint Laurent gown. Glamour at its best.

3) Zoe Saldana


She may be an actress that I am somewhat less familiar with, but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t mesmerised by her dress. This nude Atelier Versace number, worn by the star of Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and Avatar (2009, is ruched and cinched in all the right places to show off her incredible figure. It was without a doubt the most figure-flattering dress on the red carpet. And to think, she has only recently given birth!

4) Jennifer Aniston


I’ve always adored Jennifer Aniston, but I will admit that she has a tendency to play it safe when it comes to the red carpet. This certainly was not the case last night, with her glittering strapless gown that dazzled on the red carpet.

5) Emma Stone


With so many natural shades on the red carpet, it took something truly striking to inject a pop of colour to the red carpet, and Emma Stone’s Elie Saab dress was certain to do the trick. Contrasting with the warm tones of her hair, this was fashion perfection. Perhaps not a colour I’d wear myself, but she pulled it off perfectly.

What was your favourite look on the red carpet? Let me know in the comments!


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