6 Monday Moments: 9th March 2015

This week, I’m trying out a new type of post, and one that I hope to continue on a weekly basis. Though, having said that, my weekends aren’t usually as busy as this one was, so maybe once per month would be better than boring you all to tears. We’ll see how we get on!

In a nutshell, this is my personal soapbox for all things Lauren – it could include events I’ve attended, things that I’ve enjoyed during the week, things happening in my life, or things in the media that I have an opinion on. It’s a little slice of my life. Enjoy!

1. Secrets Nightclub, Magherafelt


This weekend was completely different to my usual weekend in Belfast, but I had an absolute ball. Joining the lovely Louise Vance as her +1 at an event, we were whisked to Secrets Nightclub for their VIP experience. We danced the night away and enjoyed putting their delicious cocktail list to the test. Such a brilliant night out, and I’ll definitely make the effort to go back, even though it’s slightly further afield than my usual haunts.

2. Salsa Dancing

This technically doesn’t count as this week’s moments, because I have been attending classes for six weeks, but it’s about time I talked about my latest craze – salsa dancing. After teaching Zumba for nearly three years, I thought it was about time I learned to dance properly, so I’ve joined a weekly class on Tuesday nights, and I’m absolutely loving it. It’s very easy to pick up, it’s a great way to get to know people after you get over the awkwardness of having to actually dance with strangers, and it’s pretty good exercise too!

3. Kloth & Ko, Sixty6 Belfast


When I said that this weekend was a busy one, I certainly meant it. Not only was I taking off across the country for a night out, I also ventured into Belfast to visit Studio Souk (check out my blog post on this amazing new store here) and to attend the Kloth&Ko event at Sixty6 Belfast. I have been in this venue once before for a Christmas party, and it was fantastic to see it transformed, first as a fashion market, and later as the location of a fabulous alternative fashion installation. All of the models were absolutely beautifully styled, and there was even a jumpsuit on show – for those of you who don’t know me, my unhealthy obsession with jumpsuits will be revealed in an upcoming post!

4. Curls at MilionHair


With a crazy amount of events to attend this weekend, and gale force winds blowing through Belfast on Saturday, it was no surprise that I looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards by the time I was ready to go home to get ready for my night out at Secrets. Thankfully, the lovely ladies at MilionHair came to the rescue and gave me a beautiful curly blow dry, which lasted all night. For all of you lovely Belfast girlies, this is right in the middle of Cornmarket, the atmosphere is great and the stylists did a fantastic job of my blow dry! A must-try if you want to freshen up your look on the go!

5. Miss KG Heels


Again, these technically don’t fit into this week, but I’m still utterly obsessed, so they deserve a mention! I bought these brand new platform heels from Kurt Geiger at House of Fraser, Belfast just two weeks ago, and I absolutely ADORE them. They’re the most comfortable shoes I have worn in a long time, which is a godsend, as I tend not to wear particularly comfortable shoes. The platform means that they don’t feel too high, but still give me a lovely leg shape, which is exactly what I wanted! I’m wearing them here with one of my many jumpsuits, also from House of Fraser!

You can buy these babies from Miss KG at Kurt Geiger

6. The Boy Next Door

I feel that before I even continue with this post, I should warn you all – DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE WITH YOUR PARENTS! I might be 22, but it seems that I’m still not too old for a cinema trip with mum and dad, and our film of choice was The Boy Next Door. To the innocent bystander, it looked like your average thriller, and pretty harmless at that. What could possibly go wrong? It turns out that nobody warns you before you take your seats, that the one and only sex scene is saucier than the entirety of Fifty Shades of Grey (which perhaps isn’t saying much, but take it as you will!). Take note ladies, you might want to save this film for your female friends to avoid a red face. It’s definitely not first date material either.

Please let me know what you think of this type of post. Hopefully you will see more of them as the weeks go on!

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