6 Monday Moments: 30th March 2015

It’s been a couple of weeks since I treated you to one of these, but I did warn you that my life isn’t always exciting enough to report back on! This past week has been absolutely HECTIC with events and work, not to mention trying to fit in Operation Summer Body (I’m starving and my legs hurt, so I figure something must be working!), but I’ve managed to pick out six little nuggets that haven’t been mentioned in previous blog posts.

So, without further ado, here are my top six moments of the week! Enjoy!


Remedy Cafe Bar Belfast, Fountain Street new menu launch including pulled pork sliders

On Friday, I was invited along to the launch of the brand new menu at Remedy Cafe Bar, Belfast. It’s tucked away on Fountain Street (out the back of Boots for those of you who know the city!) and it has an amazing quaint and intimate atmosphere, and that’s before I’ve even mentioned the food! From an absolutely delicious risotto to pulled pork sliders and a creamy cocktail named after the elusive Mr Grey, the tasting session was absolutely gorgeous! The menu launches this week and I will DEFINITELY be back with some friends for a pre-night-out dinner and a few of those tasty Mr Grey tipples.

Myx Fusions Launch @ Alibi

Myx Fusions Moscato By Nicki Minaj Launch at Alibi Belfast

From the way this post is going, it should be renamed the ‘Friday Feeling’, but whatevs. ANYWAY, after tasting my way through Remedy’s new menu, I put my dancing shoes on and headed on over to Alibi on Bradbury Place for the launch of Nicki Minaj’s brand new drink, Myx Fusions. It has a few different varieties, including strawberry, but my favourite was definitely the peach. I’m a big peach schnapps fan (from the good old days when my big brother slipped me a sneaky drink and told my dad it was just ‘lemonade’) and this was incredibly reminiscent of my drink of choice. It was a great night, and a lovely way to party in style with my fellow blogger Louise Vance of The Real Elle Woods.

Bramble @ Alibi Cocktail Bar

Bramble Cocktail at Alibi Belfast, Bradbury Place

Last Friday post, I PROMISE! So, before we headed to the launch, we decided that we were a little bit early and headed into the downstairs cocktail bar for a quick cocktail. Having been here once before, I was a big fan of their cocktails and couldn’t wait to try another one. I opted for the Bramble (which has absolutely no mixer and is VERY strong), and isn’t it just BEAUTIFULLY presented. Almost too good to drink – but not quite 😉

The OUTLET, Banbridge 

Purple leather jacket by Armani Exchange at the OUTLET Bainbridge

We’ve finally moved past Friday night now (hurrah, says you!), and onto my weekend events. Fortunately for me, it was pay-day weekend, and I was eager to spend my earnings. Better still, my goodie bag from Belfast FASHIONWEEK contained some vouchers for The OUTLET, Banbridge, giving me even more reason to make the journey and snag some bargains. I’ll perhaps do a full post on all of my purchases throughout the week, but for now let me leave you with the sight of my beautiful new baby, the Armani Exchange leather jacket. I’m in love, even if I have absolutely nowhere to wear it just yet.

Business Cards

Girl About Town Business cards by MOO for networking

This is a little bit of a nerdy moment, but I just feel so damn professional. For weeks, I’ve been attending events and been asked, ‘Do you have a wee business card?’ or ‘What’s the name of your blog again?’. And, to be honest, ‘GirlAboutTownLP.co.uk’ is a bit of a mouthful to remember after the buzz of an event is over, so I decided to invest in some business cards. I just ordered 50 from the lovely people at MOO Cards (I also want to give a shout out to their customer service, thank you for being so attentive!) to test them out, and I’m going to feel like the bees knees when I produce them at my next event (which just so happens to be tonight!!)

New Look Shoes

New Look Black Strappy flats, £24.99

These are *technically* last week’s purchase, but I’m still very much in love and they haven’t featured yet, so I thought I’d slip them in! I bought these gorgeous black scrappy flats for a trip to Dublin last week, when I realised that I had absolutely no comfy black shoes that weren’t my Zumba trainers. They are the absolute heart of comfort, I think they look pretty stylish, and they were only £22.99, so well worth the purchase in my books!

This week is ANOTHER really busy week, so stay tuned for lots more posts in the coming days.

Lauren xxx

PS – I’ve just been nominated for the Liebster Award and I’m going to schedule it in somewhere this week. In the meantime, would anybody like to be nominated? I don’t have many bloggy friends who just starting out like me *sob* so I need all the help I can get! Leave me a comment and I’ll include you.


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