Review: Body Shop Haul

I’m such a creature of habit when it comes to beauty products, but when one of my best friends became a consultant for The Body Shop At Home, I decided to expand my horizons a little bit! The Body Shop At Home is just like Avon, Arbonne and things like that, in that it they a catalogue, consultants can host parties and you can learn a little about the products and try them on before you purchase, which was absolutely perfect for me.

So, without further ado, let me present to you my small, but successful, Body Shop haul!

Warming Mineral Mask

Warming Mineral Mask at The Body Shop

This baby is my new favourite pamper product. It contains ginger, cinnamon oil and kaolin clay and is said to cleanse all skin types and I LOVE it. Definitely using this at least twice a week.

First off, when applied to wet skin, as instructed, this product has a mineral which magically creates a warming sensation across your face. As far as I can tell, this has absolutely no benefit to your skin except feeling AMAZING, but after the initial shock when you first feel the warmth, you will agree that it’s incredible. Also, the mask itself doesn’t harden too much against the skin, so you don’t get that feeling of mummification as you let it work its magic.

Next up, the actual effects. It’s recommended as a cleansing product, so I didn’t expect my face to look brand new, but it was surprisingly good. When I first applied it, I had a little dry, cracked skin to remind me of a pimple that I hadn’t been able to keep my hands off, and was making my foundation look absolutely dreadful. Five minutes later – goodbye flakey skin! It completely rid my face of those pesky imperfections and created a smooth base for my make-up. This is definitely a new favourite product.

Lip and Cheek Velvet Stick – Universal Shade

Velvet Lip/Cheek Balm at The Body Shop

Now this stuff I bought purely for its novelty. I hadn’t got a chance to test it at the pamper party, but having noticed it in the magazine I was completely amazed at its claims that it changes colour depending on your skin tone. BUT IT DOES! So far, I have tested it on anyone who will let me, and it seems to vary between deep berry pink and a lovely purpley-pink shade that I would almost describe as ‘fruits of the forest’. On my own lips, it’s a purple shade, and I love it, it really is something different.

However, having said that, it’s much more like a cross between a lip-balm and a lip-tint than anything stronger than that. It doesn’t cover your lips, and the colour is not as intense as a lipstick or gloss, but that’s not to say that a little lip gloss couldn’t help a gal out! I will have to put that to the test…

InstaBlur Primer

InstaBlur Primer at The Body Shop

Some of you may have seen my desperate Twitter requests, searching for a replacement for my beloved Benefit POREfessional. Well, I say beloved; I’m actually allergic to Benefit products, and discovered that the hard way, but I wore it for a week while I was in denial about the whole thing. HOWEVER, the point to that little anecdote is that I’ve been searching for a primer with a similar texture, and found absolutely nothing that came close – until InstaBlur. From the moment I tested it at the Body Shop party, I knew that I was onto a winner, but I’d only tested it against my neck for allergies at that point.

After a week of using this, I can tell you that it’s practically a dupe for the good old POREfessional, and I’m not allergic. HURRAH! It feels like an absolute dream on your skin, and even as you are applying your foundation, you can feel that it has a little more grip against your face. Not to mention, my face has that lovely smooth, movie like appearance that I just love.

My only negative is its size. At £9.99, it’s not as if it would break the bank to make this a regular purchase, but since it’s such a good product, I would love a bigger tube to last me much longer.


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