It’s Handled: Olivia Pope’s ‘Scandal’ Style On The High Street

Anybody who knows me will know that to say I LOVE Scandal is a bit of an understatement. From the incredible pace of the show to Olivia Pope’s enviable crisis management skills, I was hooked from day one (and for any Scandal fans out there, I am 100% Team Fitz).

But aside from the drama and the romance, the other thing that totally lured me in was Olivia Pope’s AMAZING wardrobe. If there’s one thing that woman knows, it’s how to do workwear. With an impressive collection spanning from White House-appropriate to sumptuous business casual, she’s just TV’s answer wonder woman; or as the show likes to put it, ‘a gladiator in a suit’.

InStyle recently rated Olivia as the best-dressed TV character, and it’s not hard to see why, but not all of us have the luxury of her designer labels. So, with this in mind, I have put together a collection of Olivia Pope’s must-have fashions that won’t break the bank. Unless you buy it all. Then it totally will.

Anyone for a shopping spree? All of the collages are clickable and will take you to my Polyvore account, as are the little icons beneath!

The Olivia Pope Coat

The Olivia Pope Coat


When it comes to ‘pulling an Olivia Pope’, all you need is a boxy statement coat. Although muted in shades, their strong, streamlined shapes exude confidence and power, combined with elegance and true class. Olivia tends to favour the ‘waterfall’ style of jacket, as well as belted coats, with a palette that focusses on pastels, but can range to blacks and strong colours when she faces inner turmoil.

On her colour scheme, Kerry Washington has commented in many interviews that the palette was a joint decision between herself and costume designer Lyn Paolo. It was very much a meeting of minds, having both experienced Washington fashion (KW through her work on the Obama campaign and Lyn when she did costume for The West Wing) and wanted to reinvent the idea of power dressing. Forget navy-black suits, they said – it’s time to bring some femininity to the concept of powerful women.

The Olivia Pope Satin Blouse

The Olivia Pope Blouse


To define Olivia’s wardrobe in one simple statement, it would go a little something like – Statement coats, silk blouses and ALL WHITE EVERYTHING. Now, when it comes to the blouses, Olivia likes to keep things simple, mostly with a white, cream and grey palette; but favours a little lace detailing, a ruffle and a cowl neck from time to time.

The Olivia Pope Trousers

The Olivia Pope Trousers


Olivia is very rarely spotted in dresses, and is much more likely to be seen donning a pair of no-nonsense, straight leg trousers. Why? Because Olivia wears the trousers, obviously. She’s even said it herself. Most of her trousers tend to revolve around greys and pale pastel tones, perfect for the summer season, and she never, EVER wears a full suit, mixing and matching for an individual style instead. However, she has been known to wear darker shades, particularly in Season 4 since things took a dramatic turn to say the least!

The Olivia Pope Dress

Olivia Pope Dress


As I said, it’s a rare occasion to find Olivia in a dress, but when we do, it’s a good one. Usually midi-length and always tailored to perfection, these dresses create smooth, contoured lines that mean business, just like her. Dresses tend to appear in our good old Fitz-Liv flashbacks, and Lyn Paolo has drawn attention to her use of black and white in these scenes, commenting that they reflect her good and bad sides.

Olivia Pope Accessories

Olivia Pope Accessories


A good accessory is the key to transforming fashion into style, and Olivia’s got this down to an art. In the jewellery department, the minimalist approach is adhered to at all costs. Add a few simple beaded necklaces to emulate this look – hers mostly come from IPPOLITA, but I can only afford them in my dreams.

With regards to bags, KW once mentioned that they didn’t want Olivia to step out with a new bag every week, and preferred her to have one great bag that worked with a number of outfits. For this reason, her large tote bags have become an accessory of choice – you can’t handle things like a gladiator without considerable room in your bag.

As for the footwear – you know that saying, “Walk a mile in her shoes?”. Kerry takes that COMPLETELY literally. Speaking to The EDIT magazine, she said: “I’ll wear Uggs around set but I can’t rehearse a scene in them because I don’t feel like Olivia until I put the shoes on.” You heard it here first guys – well, not really, but anyway – put on a pair of good shoes and you can handle things just like Liv.

PS – I hope the proverbial white hat is self explanatory.

Olivia Pope Loungewear

Olivia Pope Lounge Wear


I don’t know about you, but when I come home from a day of dressing up, it’s a case of grabbing my comfy sweats, putting my hair into a bun, and lazing on the sofa. Not Olivia Pope – even her off-duty look is simply stunning! According to Lyn Paolo, this aspect of Olivia’s wardrobe is the one they get most emails about, and she has explained that she was inspired by glamorous women of the 50s and 60s who would wear expensive loungewear to dinner parties.

Some day, I will be this glam. But for now, it’s popcorn and wine for me. Happy shopping!


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