Scenic Snapping: A ‘Dark Hedges’ Adventure

It feels totally alien to me to be creating a post that isn’t dominated by text, but I feel like I have been neglected my photography lately, so here goes!

Last weekend, I took a little drive to the Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland. Well, I say little, but I actually got considerably lost in the middle of nowhere, while my petrol light was glaring at me in a threatening sort of way. But what’s an adventure without the danger of getting stranded on a country road?

But anyway, I digress. I visited the Dark Hedges, which are close to Ballymoney on the North Coast of Northern Ireland, because I’m pretty sure that my best friend and I were almost the only people who hadn’t been to see them since they found their fame on Game of Thrones. Better late than never, eh?

It turns out that, on a sunny Saturday, we weren’t the only people looking for the hedges, so my photos had to contend with a stream of passing cars and two coach-loads of people congregating with their selfie sticks. Regardless, I got some pretty decent snaps, considering this was the first time I had dusted off my camera since I graduated! What do you think? Did I capture the eerie Game of Thrones atmosphere?

Game Of Thrones - The Dark Hedges


Game Of Thrones - The Dark Hedges

Game Of Thrones - The Dark Hedges

Game Of Thrones - The Dark Hedges
Proof that we actually made it to the hedges. An endeavour in itself, some might say!




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