6 Monday Moments: Monday 18th May

This is my second blog post of the day, which is most unlike me, but I have totally neglected my Monday Moments feature since the my first couple of posts, and I feel like it’s time I got them started again. This list is pretty much a holiday-orientated one, because I’m finally starting to feel the holiday spirit and I’ve done a little bit of shopping.

But, just to keep things balanced, I’ve thrown in a couple of extra bits and pieces that I’ve been loving this week. Enjoy!

1) M&S Bikini

M&S Bikini

This is literally the bikini that dreams are made of. I’ve slowly but surely been trying to gather up some holiday clothing, and swimwear has been the biggest challenge. I’m loving the trend for high-waisted bikini bottoms, because they are super flattering, but when I first saw this bikini in Marks & Spencer, they only had those little flimsy bottoms held up with string. After some serious searching, I hunted down the high-waisted version that I wasn’t even sure existed, and I can’t wait to wear it on the beach in Greece. So bright and summery.

2) Michael Kors Sunglasses

Michael Kors Sunglasses

Yes, I went on a bit of a shopping spree. But I needed all of these things, honestly! These sunglasses go down as one of my best bargains at £39.99 from TK Maxx, and I absolutely love them. What’s more, I’ve got a hard case to keep them in, because I always end up throwing sunglasses to the bottom of my handbag where they get destroyed and these are far too nice to ruin.

3) Greek Island Hopping

I’ve mentioned this a couple of times, but it is less than a month away, so I can finally get excited and share a little more with you all! In 3 weeks and 5 days precisely (not that I’m counting) I will be boarding a plane for a Contiki Greek Island Hopping adventure, which starts in Athens and travels around Mykonos, Ios and Santorini. I’ve been dying to visit the Greek islands for years, to taste the food, to photograph those beautiful whitewashed landscapes and to relax on the tranquil beaches, so I couldn’t be more excited. Expect lots more posts on this as I gear up for my holidays.

4) Fitness Frenzy

So this is kind of connected to my holidays, but I’ve been on a bit of a health and fitness craze for the past few weeks, mostly inspired by the fact that I’m going on holiday with my skinny best friend. Not only is MyFitnessPal back in full swing, I’ve also upped the ante with the exercise. Now, I swim three mornings a week (usually around 70-80 lengths), do Zumba twice a week including my own class, and dance for 2-3 hours on a Tuesday night. I’m flipping knackered, but it’s working so I call that a success!

5) Salsa Social

If you think back to one of my older Monday Moments posts, you may remember that I mentioned that I’d started salsa dancing. Since then I’ve made my way into the advanced class, and on Friday night I braved the next level, with a ‘salsa social’ at The Botanic Inn. The last time I was at The Bot, it definitely wasn’t for a salsa session, but a salsa social is basically a nightclub night with all salsa music, and it was SO MUCH FUN. I still don’t feel 100% confident with it all just yet, but actually dancing rather than just shuffling about was totally different to any other night out that I usually have, and I am definitely going back ASAP.

6) Shondaland finales

Shondaland finale

Ok, so number 6 is partly because I’m running out of exciting things that happened this week – there’s not much room for excitement with a shocking amount of exercise thrown into the mix – and also because I’m just totally obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. I definitely don’t want to give away any spoilers for the finales, because you’ll all come at me with pitchforks, but all I’ll say is that I was so surprised that Shonda gave us all semi-happy endings in both shows. What the hell? Somebody’s been on Olivia Pope’s wine. Not that I’m complaining, all’s right with the world and I’m in Scandal fangirl heaven.

And while I’m on the subject of Shondaland – can we all just take a moment to appreciate Ellen Pompeo in Taylor Swift’s new video? Go girl!


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