Beauty Review: Bellamianta Tan*

With Vita Liberata, Baby B Browne and now the new Bellamianta fake tan, it seems that Northern Ireland is determined to cover up those pale and pasty limbs! For some girls, fake tan is a part and parcel of a weekly beauty routine, and for that I applaud them. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m just not that organised, especially not in the winter, but I am partial to a bit of colour for a night out and was excited to test out Bellamianta* tan for my Halloween Masquerade Ball.

Bellamianta is the tan of choice for the X Factor contestants this year, and if it’s good enough for them, who am I to complain. But why all the hype?

According to the company, Bellamianta promises a “clean, nutritious, luxury tanning experience”. What that means in reality is that it has no parabens, perfume, alcohol or other nasties, it dries quickly, has next to no odour and is transfer and water resistant. Better still, its moisturising qualities are absolutely epic – one bottle has as much Vitamin C as 12 oranges!

First impressions  – I’m like a magpie, and go for sparkly things, so the gold metallic sheen on the box really stood out for me. Inside, the bottle is pretty standard but the tanning mitt is an absolute game-changer. Like a little mitten, it has a thumbhole which gives you so much more flexibility with hard to reach places; it is very thick and fluffy and can be used on both sides; and it has a rubbery texture inside to stop your hand from getting covered in the excess tan.


Smell/Drying Time – In an ideal world, my tan would have been applied the night before my big night out, but sadly this is not an ideal world, which put these two aspects to the test! Smell-wise, it was absolutely perfect, and my friends commented that they couldn’t smell it at all after spending over an hour in the car with me!

As for the drying, I didn’t get my stopwatch out to put the 60 second rule to the test, but I wasn’t standing in my bathroom, doing my usual flapping routine to dry my tan so that I could put my clothes on, so it must be doing something right!

Colour – Ok, I will admit that the end-product was a little darker than I expected, especially after it had developed for the full 6 hours (incidentally I was out salsa dancing at the time, and I got darker with every partner I danced with!!), but I was mega surprised by how much I liked it!

Bellamianta tanning products are said to contain one of the highest, premium grade DHAs, which means that it works along with the skin’s natural melanin to produce a more natural golden tone. This meant that although it was a lot darker than my usual tan, it adjusted to look natural on my skin. Better still, there wasn’t a dry knee or elbow in sight!


Overall Opinion

Will I use Bellamianta again? ABSOLUTELY. It was easy to apply, there wasn’t a streak in sight, and I didn’t have those awful unsightly orange ankles that you get from some high-street tans. Yes, I was shocked at the colour of my legs at first, but looking back on photos, I’m pretty impressed – and it looks like it’s going to last the rest of the week, which is just a bonus! Bellamianta is priced at £14.99 per 250mls and is available from their website.

* This product was gifted to me for review, but my review is 100% honest as always!




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  1. colourmebeautifulxo says:

    This review has made me so excited to try this tan out 😀 great review.


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