An Absolut-ly Awesome Night

Nothing says mystery quite like receiving an email to your office email address, inviting you to a secret party at an undisclosed location on a Friday evening in March.  So what did I do? I turned up of course, but not before Googling the event to satisfy my curiosity.


My stealthy Googling told me that Absolut Nights is a “global series of unique events, where the nights themselves are used as a creative canvas”.  Sounds pretty cool, right? And considering the amount of creativity blossoming in Belfast, this sounded like the makings of a great night.

Friday 4th March rolled around, and I was still pretty much in the dark. We were asked to meet on Little Patrick Street, a street I recognised for only two reasons. Firstly, for the skate park under the bridge; and secondly as the closest place to my office that I can park my car for free. Needless to say, I wasn’t bringing my car to an Absolut party, so all that was left was for me to live in hope that we wouldn’t be donning our skateboards in our best heels.


Thankfully we did not end up in the skate park, and instead followed the Absolut Man and his glowing golf-ball helmet to The Golden Thread Gallery, where the warehouse had been transformed into an urban club, only better; the DJ was in full swing;  the Absolut Cocktails were in high supply (my favourite was the Absolut Raspberry and Lemonade); and make-up artist Paddy McGurgan was doing some pretty amazing body art on his models.  I even got talked into a ‘tattoo’ – don’t worry, it was only a convincing transfer – and enjoyed some tasty nibbles from Wolf & Devour, a new food van that now sits by the big fish in Belfast. I’ve since wandered over to Wolf & Devour on my lunch break, and can vouch for the fact that their daytime offerings are just as delicious as the food we enjoyed at the Absolut event. I’d highly recommend it on a sunny day in the city!

Take a look at some of my snaps from a fantastic event with my fellow bloggers!






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