High Street Heaven: My #WCCFW Shopping List

As I write this post, the clocks have gone forward, it’s 8PM, it’s still daylight and it finally feels like the perfect time to be writing a blog post on my fashion picks for S/S16. Granted, it’s still a little cold and drizzly outside (and I might even have seen a shower of hailstones in the afternoon, but let’s not talk about that), but we’re definitely headed in the right direction!

As always, Belfast Fashion Week is the perfect chance to catch up with my fellow bloggers and get the lowdown on the latest fashions on the catwalk, but this year I had the added bonus of bringing along two of my lovely salsa friends to introduce them to WCCFW, which absolutely made the night.

But enough about my evening, let’s get down to business. What am I lusting over this season? Which catwalk creations caught my eye? We could be here all day, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few choice favourites. Enjoy!

1) DV8 Embroidered Two Piece


This was, without a doubt, my favourite look on the catwalk. It is due to appear in DV8 stores within the next few weeks, and is certain to be a festival favourite, but what I have in mind for it is a little different. Every summer, we have a themed salsa ball, and this year it’s Cowboys and Indians – this outfit, a few feathers and an Indian headdress and I’m ready to go.

2) Dunnes Stores Floral Midi Dress


I might sound a little snobby to say this, but I just can’t believe that this comes from Dunnes Stores. It reminds me a little of those gorgeous skin-tight Ted Baker midi dresses that come out every season, without the eye-watering price tag, and I think I’m a little bit in love. At the moment, I’m still a little too hippy to pull off this look, but give me another couple of months in the gym, and I think I might just have to make a purchase!

3) KACI Cooktown Fitness Gear 


Speaking of a few weeks in the gym, I was delighted to see an entire range of fitness gear taking to the WCCFW catwalk for the first time, at least since I started attending in 2013! Now that I teach two Zumba classes per week, as well as going to the gym at least 3 mornings each week, I am always on the lookout for another funky piece of workout gear to add to my collection and brighten up the 5AM starts, and this range 100% fits the bill. A little trip to Cookstown is in order, I think!

4) DV8 Lace-Up Top


I thought I had missed the boat on lace-up tops last season when I found myself taking a liking to them at the beginning of the winter sales, but had absolutely no joy with finding my size, so I was delighted to see them making an appearance on the catwalk once again. I wouldn’t necessarily tend to go for white, but if I spot a black or coloured alternative, it’s going straight into my wardrobe!

5) Next Midi Dress


I have a thing for halternecks, so the combination of this neckline and the stunning vibrant shade stood out massively. I don’t have any weddings to go to this summer, but I’m sure I could find a special occasion to warrant such a special dress, and if not, I might just have to treat myself anyway.

6) Alana Interiors Patterned Two-Piece


Last year, I was a huge fan of the floral patterned trousers trend, much to the bemusement of some of my friends who dubbed them my pyjamas. I can’t wait to wear them again this summer, but most of them are a little casual for the workplace, unlike this little combo. This two piece has the versatility to look casual or professional, and would make the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe.

7) Warehouse Dress


This is the cutest little midi dress, with a comfortable shape, and looks like it would fit perfectly into my work wardrobe – need I say more? I can’t wait to get my hands on this when it I spot it in Warehouse.

Which trends are you most looking forward to wearing this season? I can tell already that mine will be a bit of a mixture, but isn’t that the beauty of individual style?

Photography by Brendan Gallagher, provided by Chris at cmpr

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