10,000 White Balloons, Floating in Studio Souk…

Did you sing that title to the tune of ’99 Red Balloons’? No? Oh well, I tried!

After a hard day at work, where better to be than rolling around in a room brimming with 10, 000 balloons, eating pizza and sipping on alcoholic ice-cream floats? That’s precisely what I did on Friday  18th March to celebrate Studio Souk’s 1st birthday in association with Yelp.

When I spotted this event on social media, I knew that it would be worth attending, both for the fabulous blog photos it would provide, and for the craic that I would enjoy with my fellow bloggers. Unfortunately, by the time the 18th rolled around, I was somewhat incapacitated – I had strained my ankle ligaments whilst salsa dancing in the St Patrick’s Day parade in Downpatrick, but that’s another story for another day!

Sore foot or not, there was no chance in me missing out on the fun, so I hopped upstairs on my crutches and made a beeline for the ice cream floats… after all, an inability to walk properly was just an added excuse to roll around in the balloons, wasn’t it?

There’s no better way to capture this event than to let the pictures do the talking, so without further ado, here they are.

Studio Souk 3

Studio Souk 2

Studio Souk 4

Studio Souk 5

Studio Souk 7

Studio Souk 1

Studio Souk 6


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