Sunday Snaps: Belfast Maritime Festival 2016

What better a way to spend a rare sunny Sunday afternoon in Belfast than at the Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival?

As my sporadic blogging (to put it lightly) might have indicated, life has been a little hectic of late, and blogging and photography fell by the wayside, but Belfast came to life this week and gave me the perfect opportunity to get back into my stride. Not only did we have another fantastic Twilight Market in St George’s Market, but this Bank Holiday Weekend also brought with it the Spring Continental Market at Belfast City Hall, and the annual Maritime Festival at the Titanic Slipways.

Eager not to miss out on any of the fun, I started my Sunday morning at St George’s Market for an early breakfast, headed to the Maritime Festival to beat the crowds and dust off the cobwebs on my camera, and rounded off the day at the City Hall for a quick bite at the market, which – and I say this very carefully – might just have trumped the Christmas Market in my opinion, but perhaps that was just the sunshine!

On the way home, I couldn’t resist a quick visit to Belfast Castle to check out the view and take a few extra photos while I was in the mood. So before I ramble any further, here are some snaps that paint a much better picture of a gorgeous, sunny afternoon.

Titanic Belfast from ground level

Titanic Belfast reflection

Dry Docks at Titanic Slipways

Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival Dramatic Ship

Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival and Crane

Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival 2016

Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival Girl

Harland and Wolf barbed wire

Titanic Belfast from slipways

Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival

Albert Clock, Belfast

Belfast Spring Continental Market City Hall

Belfast Spring Continental Market City Hall Chocolate Fountain

Belfast City Hall in Spring

Belfast Spring Continental Market

Belfast Castle archway

Belfast Castle with fountain

Belfast Castle Gardens


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    1. Thank you! It was such a great day for it!

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