Sunday Snapping: Belfast Castle Gardens

After two gorgeous Sundays spent snapping in the sun, I am presenting myself with a challenge that I hope I can live up to – and the clue is in the title ‘Sunday Snaps’. At least once per month, and maybe more if we get some more of this fabulous weather, I will share with you a little collection of photographs from my week, in a bid to recapture my love of photography, develop my skills and showcase a little bit of Northern Ireland – something that ties in with another new venture of mine, but that’s another blog post for another day!

This time, my adventures took me to Belfast Castle yet again. As it happens, they also took me to St George’s Market for some absolutely delicious pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, and to Cutter’s Wharf for a quick drink in the sun, but this was by far the most photo-worthy part of the day.

View of Castle from BElfast Castle Gardens

Belfast Castle Garden Roses

Roses Blooming at Belfast Castle


Roses and Thorns at Belfast Castle Gardens

Canon at Belfast Castle




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