What I thought of the Mi Pac Rucksack*

Between being out and about trying to get my Fitbit steps up to scratch, and getting up at the crack of dawn to go the gym, there’s one thing that really comes in handy, and that’s a backpack. Since leaving school (which seems like a lifetime ago), a backpack hasn’t been something that I have ever felt the need for, mostly because they make me feel a bit geeky, but that was until I got sent a Mi Pac rucksack from Menarys to put to the test.

MiPak CollageUpon receiving the rucksack, my first impressions were very positive. The navy, floral patterned exterior was pretty and girly, without being too gaudy, and its tan suede patches gave it a unique edge that I really loved. The backpack comes in a variety of colours, from neon brights to something a little more subtle, but what seems to carry throughout the brand is that quirky suede finish to make them stand out on the shelf.

A quick look inside told me that this backpack was going to come in SO handy, because of its many hidden compartments. The backpack is divided down the middle, with multiple pockets on each side of the divide, and a zip pocket to keep your cash and other personal items stowed away. It also has the functionality to feed your headphones through the backpack and into your ears, but I’m much too indecisive with my playlists not to have my phone in my hand when playing music!

As luck would have it, the next few weeks gave me plenty of opportunity to test it in a variety of environments. So without further ado, here is the verdict from each one:

Game Of Thrones Tour

The occasion: Work sent me on a Game of Thrones tour from 9AM until 6PM, which meant lots of essentials and a light and easy to carry bag to keep them in. There was lots of walking on the agenda!

The contents: My all day adventure meant that I had to bring provisions for all weathers, including a waterproof jacket and umbrella, a few snacks, a bottle of water, my camera, my work iPad, a notebook and the usual contents of my handbag, like a purse and mobile phone.

Impression: This was the first time I’d used the bag, and I couldn’t get over how light it was! Without the contents inside, it’s literally light as a feather, which is great when you have lots to carry. I walked 18,000 steps from 9AM-5PM (or so my Fitbit said!), most of that with the rucksack on my back, and my shoulders and back weren’t sore in the slightest. In fact, I barely knew I was wearing it. The divide in the middle was perfect for keeping my iPad, notebook and camera separate from the snacks and less businessy stuff, and the pockets were perfect for keeping pens and valuables close at hand.

The Gym 

The occasion: For weeks I have been lugging my gym gear in a beautiful overnight bag that I purchased in New York last year, which is a waste of a good bag in my book. The backpack was a more functional solution, but the question was whether it would be able to fit all of my gear.

The contents: On a regular day, my gym bag consists of a towel, a bottle of water change of clothes for work, my make-up bag, my hair straighteners, a brush, a pair of tights, shower gel and deodorant. Luckily, I keep my heels in work and wear trainers en route to the office, which spares me a little space.

Impression: Getting everything into this bag was a tight squeeze, but the beauty of a Mi Pac is the fact that it is so small and light, so that is no criticism. My towel was tightly rolled, and my water bottle was wedged in at the last moment, but I managed to get the rest in, with the help of the side pockets for things like my deodorant and make-up. It was light, which is pretty ideal after a hard kettlebell workout, and so much more practical than an overnight bag. The side pockets were a godsend here for ensuring that things like shower gel didn’t leak over my work clothes.

Camera Adventures

The occasion: On a rare sunny afternoon off work, I took a little walk around Antrim Castle Gardens, and decided to take the backpack out for yet another test run!

The contents: This time around, it was camera gear all the way, and those bits are pretty compact, so space wasn’t an issue. I managed to fit in my iPad (which I tether to the camera using WiFi so that I can edit and upload on the go), my Olympus PEN camera, my 45mm lens, and even a  small extendable tripod!

Impression: The backpack wasn’t really necessary for this adventure, but it came in handy regardless for carrying things like a tripod that don’t usually come out with me. Again, it was so light, easy to carry, and the handy pockets made it easy for me to access my spare lens without too much fidgeting. All in all, a pretty handy bag to have.

The Final Verdict

I am not a backpack, outdoorsy kinda girl, but the Mi Pac completely won me over. It’s more stylish than your average backpack, it’s light as a feather, and for its size, you can fit quite a bit in there. I will 100% keep using it.

The Mi Pac is available at all Menarys stores in Northern Ireland. It gets my seal of approval – will it get yours?

* This backpack was gifted to me by Menarys for review, but I gave it a solid testing, and my review is 100% honest! If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t blog it!


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