Monet Magic: QOD 16 Week Smoothing Treatment

Imagine the sassy feeling of a good hair day of Jennifer Anniston proportions. Now imagine feeling like that for almost FOUR months. Sound like something you could get on board with? Looks like you need Monet Hair in your life, and their exclusive QOD 16 Week Smoothing Treatment.


What is this sorcery, I hear you ask? It’s a keratin-based conditioning and volume-reducing treatment, which offers the ultimate in shine, smoothness, and manageability, without damaging your hair. It brushes on just like hair dye, stays on for around 30 minutes, gets rinsed out and then your hair is blow-dried and sealed with high-temperature straightening irons to lock in the shine and create those silky tresses you long for. It will curl with a lovely smooth frizz-free finish, it straightens like a dream, and it sits pretty darn nicely when it dries naturally too – the world is your oyster.


An exclusive treatment like this deserves a suitably opulent home, and the sleek and minimalist black decor and prime position on Belfast’s Lisburn Road set the tone for the ultimate indulgence. Pair that with a cup of tea or coffee and a muffin on arrival and you will feel a million dollars before you have even sat down.

Now that you know what it is and how it works, let’s get down to the real question – does it really work? Well, if there was ever a girl who could put this to the test, it’s me.  With four gym sessions, three nights of salsa, two nights of Zumba and one or two rainy walks to work in my week, it’s fair to say that my hair gets its fair share of abuse. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I have problem hair, but I am a slave to frizz, flyaway hairs and a heck of a lot of styling on a regular basis, which is precisely what led me to try this treatment. If it could withstand even half of these activities and still look good, I was on to a winner.


Of course, having told my stylist Lee my hopes and dreams for my new ‘do, he looked at me in horror, and told me that under no circumstances should I do any of that too soon – it is advised that you don’t get your hair wet, use any product on it or tie it up for the first 48 hours of having your treatment done.

I wanted to give it the best chance of working, but 48 hours is a long time in my world. So, having taken it easy, and enjoyed the straightest and smoothest blow dry of my life, for two days, I jumped straight back into my routine, ready to road test QOD. And guess what? IT WORKS!

I still straighten my hair once post blow-dry, firstly because I tend to blast dry my hair as quickly as possible, and also because this is a smoothing rather than a straightening treatment, and my hair is naturally quite wavy. However, after that, my hair can survive a day of gymming, salsa and walking to work, and still look presentable for work the following day, which is a win in my book.

Put to the test at a night of salsa, after which I usually leave the venue looking like a wet mop, I was considerably less dishevelled. I am always a sweaty mess, but when it dries, I’m left with sleek waves rather than the frizzy mess that once was – another QOD triumph. On the subject of sweaty messes, I do feel like I should point out that I have noticed an incredibly strong smell from my hair (kind of like fake-tan, but not quite) when it gets sweaty or wet, even a few weeks post-treatment. Absolutely not a deal breaker, but be prepared!


On average, I would say that the treatment saves me at least three straightens per wash, I can leave the house without any styling and still look sleeker than before my QOD days, and 4 weeks into the treatment and it still amazes me every single day. Before the treatment, I was dubious about the £140 price tag, but I honestly don’t think I will be able to go back to battling the frizz at the end of these 16 weeks. I am an absolute convert, and hope you will be too.



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