Where to find Girl About Town

Do you love my blog? The fun doesn’t have to stop here – join me on my various social media channels!



I know that you are just dying to get an update EVERY time I post a blog. If you can’t keep up with my witty warblings about Tinder and my latest fashion event, there’s a remedy to that and it’s called Bloglovin. And if you’re a blogger, I’ll be glad to follow you straight back



Facebook stalk me to your heart’s content right HERE.



Twitter is my new favourite social media channel, but if it’s no fun if you have nobody to talk to. Follow me HERE and say hi, I’d love to hear from you. Better still, if you’ve a blog, let me know about it, I love something new to read!



Some people plan their weddings, but personally I would rather plan my holiday! From fashion pins and inspirational quotes to my ongoing obsession with Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, you’ll get all sorts on Pinterest. Follow me for your daily inspiration.


And of course, don’t forget Instagram – @GirlAboutTownLP


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